First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!


Heather Gilmer

Amy Hayes

Class Website Coming Soon!

Class Website

Denee Hinshaw

Carey Smith

Class Website

Class Website Coming Soon!

Instructional Assistants

Andrea Patterson

Allison Fleming

Daily Schedule

8:00-10:55 Literacy/Science Social Studies

10:55-11:25 Lunch


Lunch Times

Ellis 10:54-11:22

Hicks 10:56-11:24

Hinshaw 10:58-11:26

Hinson 11:00-11:28

Wisnasky 11:02-11:30


11:35-12:05 Recess

12:05-12:45 Encore

12:45-2:20 Math


Student Expectations

  • Listen and follow directions.

  • Taking turns

  • Working independently

  • Working in small groups

  • Respectful of others

  • Self-control of voice, hands, and feet

  • Follow school rules:

    • We Are Respectful

    • We Are Responsible

    • We Are Learners

  • Arrive on time and attend school regularly

  • Ask my teacher when I don't understand

  • Complete all of my assignments on time, study, and read daily

  • Put forth my best effort

Parent Expectations

  • Make sure my child is well-rested, has appropriate materials, and is at school on time by 7:55.

  • Provide ample, quiet study time at home, encourage good study habits, and monitor my child's homework.

  • Support the school staff in their efforts to promote appropriate behavior.

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences.


Balanced Literary Components

  • Letter identification and sounds

  • Concepts of print

  • Phonics and phonemic awareness

  • High frequency words

  • Writing workshop

  • Guided Reading Groups

  • Shared Reading

  • Interactive Read Aloud

  • Interactive Writing

Math Major Concepts

  • Number Sense (0-99)

  • Single digit  addition and subtraction

  • Time (hour, half hour, calendar)

  • Non-standard measurement

  • Collect and display data (line plots, Venn Diagrams, graphs)

  • Creating and extending patterns

  • Geometry (plane and solid shapes)

  • Problem solving

  • Sort and classifying

  • Estimation

Science Subjects of Study

  • Animals

  • Rocks and Minerals

  • Solids, Liquids, and Gases

  • Balance and Motion

  • Healthful Living

Social Studies

  • All about me

  • Friends, families, and community

  • Citizenship (classroom, school, community)

  • Rules and responsibilities

  • Needs and wants / goods and services

  • Holidays and customs

  • Map Skills

  • Money