About Us

Teachey is the proud home of the Tigers!


Driving Directions to Teachey

For Information about how to get to our school please click on the link below.


History of Our School

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Grade Levels

Currently Teachey serves kindergarten through fifth Grade. We also have the only Pre-K classroom in the district not located at the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). Teachey also houses two Exceptional Children's classrooms. 

Student Population

Currently we have a total of 507 students enrolled at Teachey elementary school. 
The ethnic breakdown of students at our school is: 

Asian 15

Black/African American 62

Hispanic 130

Multi-Racial 25

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1

White 274

Daily Schedule

The school day begins promptly at 7:55 am and ends at 2:25 p.m. Kindergarten children will have a staggered entrance for the first two school days.

Since the school day for teachers begins at 7:15 am, children who walk to school or ride in private cars are not expected to arrive before 7:30 am and students should not be dropped off prior to that time.

Students not riding a bus MUST be picked up between 2:30 and 2:50 pm. Supervision of students will end at 2:50 pm to allow time for teachers to plan meaningful instruction, meet with parents, and attend professional meetings.


Our daily schedule is:
7:20am Staff members in their designated areas
7:30 Students report to classrooms
10:40am-12:50pm Lunch, staggered schedule
2:25pm Bus students dismissed
2:30 Walking and car students dismissed
3:20 Staff day ends

Title I

Teachey is classified as a title one school. For information about Title I please follow the link below.