Welcome to Kindergarten!

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Ashley Baird

Ashley Havens


Mrs. Beck's IA Gwen Hammer

Gwen Hammer

Heather Gilmer

Heather Gilmer

Mrs. Gilmer's IA Andrea Patterson

Andrea Patterson

Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith

Mrs. Smith's IA  Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Sharon Frost

Sharon Frost

Mrs. Frost's IA Mandee Hunter

Mandee Hunter

Daily Schedule

8:00-10:50 Literacy/Science/Social Studies
10:50-11:15 Math
Lunch Times
Beck- 11:20-11:50
Frost- 11:22- 11:52
Gilmer- 11:24- 11:54
Smith- 11:26- 11:56
11:55-12:55 Math 
12:55-1:25 Recess
1:35- 2:15 Encores

Teachey Tiger Rules


1.  We are Respectful

2.  We are responsible.

3.  We are learners.


Literacy Curriculum


1. Letter and Sound identification

2.  Concepts of print

3.  Identify and create rhyming words

4.  Hear and record sounds in words

5.  Sight words (High Frequency word)

6.  Relationships between letters and their sounds within books

7.  Comprehension strategies with books

8.  Communication skills

9.  Expressing ideas through three types of writing: informational, narrative, and opinion

**Science and Social Studies will be integrated within the literacy components.

Big Ideas in Science

1. Forces of motion

2.  Matter properties and change

3.  Earth systems

4.  Living organisms



Big Ideas in Social Studies

 1.    History

 2.  Geography and environment

 3.  Economics

 4.  Civics and government

 5.  Culture


Math Curriculum

1.  Know number names and count in sequence to 100

2.  Count to tell the number of objects

3.  Compare numbers

4.  Add by putting together subtract by taking from

5.  Work with numbers 11-19 for place value

6.  Measurement

7.  Classify objects and count the number in the sets

8.  Identify and describe shapes (squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres)