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Kindergarten Click and Drop and Drag Activities​


Kindergarten Venn Diagram

Kindergarten Seasons​​​​

First Grade

First Grade Countries Research

First Grade Moon Phases

For Information

To Create the Presentation.

For Pictures

1st Grade Paint Program

Second Grade

Second Grade Biographies

Second Grade Plot Diagram

3rd Grade​​

 3rd Grade Human body Project


Search Terms for the above resource. Skeletal System, Skin, Muscular System Picture Sources


The Pilgrims

Christmas Around the World


African-American Timelines

4th Grade​

Fourth Grade Cyber Safety​​​

Fourth Grade Rocks Project

Definitions of the three types of rocks

Example Rocks

Fourth Grade States

Information Sources

Distance Calculator

Figurative Language


5th Grade

prop poster


Fifth Grade Civil War and American Revolution


5th Grade Explorers Symbaloo

5th Grade 13 colonies Brainstorming Practice​​

Pioneer Life



5th Grade Ecosystems
Flash cards

To Create Flash Cards:

Sources of Information:​

Having trouble with Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers? Read this:​​

See these page for information about the different producers, consumers, and decomposers in the different ecosystems.


Food Web vs. Food Chains

Chain Reaction:

Food Web Activity:

Make your own food chain:






Internet Safety Websites

1st Grade

2nd Grade